Draining pontoon log compartments - how?

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Posted by Tony ( on March 01, 2004 at 10:35:11:

Do the logs have baffles in them (to stop the water from freely shifting fore and aft)? If so, isnít each baffle supposed to have a small drain hole so that, yes, water can shift between compartments Ė to drain out the aft pontoon compartment if nothing else? Next, if the compartments arenít all draining to the rear compartment and out the drain hole there (and mine arenít) then one could assume the compartment drain holes are blocked. I increased the pressure in the compartment but it did not clear the baffle weep hole (if there is one). I siphoned out water, using a small tube fed through the air hole at the top of the compartment Ė but it all didnít come out. It seems to me that my only option now is to drill a hole in each compartment to drain them independently and put in a threaded plug that I can use in the future if I have to. Would the compartment baffles be located where the weld line is? Do I have any other options? How did the water get in there - not from a leak as far as I can tell. Iím new to boating and bought this project boat. The previous owner(s) drilled a hole in the air vent cap on top of each compartment Ė so there was no interior pressure to keep water out (like an upside down glass in a sink full of water)! Iíve got new sealed caps and no water/moisture has been added since then. By the way, my pontoon boat is an 18' 1989 Sea Nymph.